Saturday 24 October 2015

Arunachal Prant : Vijay Hi Vijay - 2015 State level Mahashibir

Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Arunachal Prant organized a four  days state level youth leadership development camp - Vijay Hi Vijay for college students from 21st to 24th October 2015 in VKV Chimpu, Itanagar, Arunachal Prodesh, 205 participants and 77 karyakartas all total 282 were present in Mahashibir.

                           Participants were divided into nine different ganas(Groups) namely:SubhashChandra Bose, Vikram Battra, Talum Rukbo, Kalpana Chawala,SisterNivedita,Mata Amritanandamayi, Durga Bhabhi and Rani Maa Gaidenlyu. Thecamp activities comprised of Morning Prayer, Yogabhyas, Pariksha De HasteHasteWorkshop, Shram Sanskar, Lecture Session, Group discussion andPresentation, Geet abhyas, Vijay kshan, Krida yoga, Bhajan sandhya, Interaction session, Ananda mela, Hanuman chalisa, etc. Dignitaries from various professions were present to ignite the young-minds. Some of the sessions were Safalta Se Sarthakata by Mananeeya Nivedita Didi, Vice president Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Community-the Strength of Arunachal Pradesh by Mananeeya Dr Joram Begi, our culture our pride by SriBengia Tolum, Safal yuva-Yuva Bharat by  Sri Taba Tatup, Vijay kshan bySriArunali Manyu & Sri Nyowa Rangphoa etc. They gave very important insightregarding our culture, Tradition, Values, customs and shared their life-experience.
               We are happy to announce out-put of our last Vijay Hi Vijay in the month of October 2013 organized in VKV nirjuli Naharlagun. In these shibir participants of 2013, they took the responsibilities in the Vijay Hi Vijay like Vyavastha or the gana pramukh and saha gana pramukh. Those who did not have particular responsibilities they participated as participants in shibir. They played very vital role to motivate the new participants by their positive nature, sincere and dedicated way of living.

First day of the shibir was found very interesting among a participants because schedule was very difficult and strict, the mobiles, laptops bike keys were taken from them for three days, they were not allowed to go outside the campus, they felt very uncomfortable, because participants were not familiar with such kind of schedule, that is why most of the participants did not want to stay for four days and they got exhausted in first day. However, team effort and active participation of last Vijay Hi Vijay participants gave inspiration to the new comers and convinced to stay at least for second day.

Some magic happened in the next second day, after the lecture of Ma: Nivedita Didi on Safalta se Sarthakta. Didi’s lecture were so powerful and energetic based on practical difficulties of youths and cleared all doubts and confusions regarding their life. Didi gave electric shock to every participant of shibir. All the participants regained their enthusiasm from that moment of the lecture like they were reborn with the new life.
Now after fully got motivation and inspiration from the lecture. They again blossomed and were cheered-up with the lots of expectations to learn, and to acquire much new from shibir. She gave series of lectures for three days on the same topic and interacted with the youths of the college on various topics. They got clarity about goal of life, Value of life, Role of youths in society, Role of youths in protection of our own custom and tradition, role of the youth in the national rebuilding etc. Our karyakartas created such a good and vibrant environment through their sincere and dedicated work by the gana pramukh, saha gana pramukh, vyavastha and series of lectures delivered by many intellectual persons. Effort came from all sides which made participants actively taking part in other activities of shibir and they got involved very deeply with all the activities. Now it happened that they did not want to go home again because of the positive impact on the participants by vibrant environment and the impact of three days lectures and interaction sessions.                                         
  We were able to conduct Vijay Hi Vijay with grand success with full motivation to the new participants because the present and active participation of 2013 Vijay hi Vijay participant-karykartas. In the concluding session maximum number of youths wanted to join Vivekananda Kendra. This year youths were more motivated from the shibir. Now they are ready for work to bring about the positive change in society. They will bring change and continuity in the society through these energetic youths and they should set-up good example in society for upcoming generation of Arunachal Pradesh.

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